Reboot TP-Link router remotely or automatically


using cURL or wget, it’s easy to reboot a TP-Link router from a terminal or command line. Put it in a script and schedule it to run automatically if your router overheats or is flaky:

in OSX (using cURL):

curl --user username:password > /dev/null

If you have wget by default instead of cURL (i.e. most *nix):

wget -qO- --user=username --password=password > /dev/null

Replace username and password with the admin username and password of your router. Replace with the IP address of your router.

If you have Windows, with neither of the above, and don’t want to download wget, try using bitsadmin to create a download job.

55 thoughts on “Reboot TP-Link router remotely or automatically

  1. gilmijar

    I found the same thing as MEISTER above
    on newer firmware it may be necessary to use the –referrer with the router’s IP (really – a great security measure!)

    And on linux of course that works as well

    curl --referer --user admin:admin

    I am ommitting the > /dev/null to actually be able to see the output – this is what helped me get to my issue

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