Looking for a great Linux PHP editor? Try Geany.


I’ve never been one of the vi or emacs brigade — when editing code (mainly PHP and Python), I’ve always found it easiest using a lightweight editor (together with a local server).

Since moving to Linux full-time several years ago, I’ve been on the look-out for an editor I really liked. On Windows, I liked Notepad++ — it did everything I needed with panache, and never got in the way.

On Ubuntu, I’ve stuck with gedit, with several plugins, including the Symbol Browser from Micah Carrick. I tried, at various times, jEdit, gPhpEdit, and even Eclipse — but they all just ‘got in my way’ too much. gPhpEdit came close, but I found the function list wasn’t always accurate.

However, three things prompted me to look elsewhere again: First, it was choking on some sql dumps I was editing; Second, the symbol browser stopped working in Karmic; and Third, I still hate the shortcuts. I still prefer ctrl-Y for “redo” rather than “ctrl-shift-Z”, and I really, really need a shortcut (ctrl-D) for “duplicate this line”.

So, I just came across Geany — it’s great. It’s fast, configurable, stable, has a great symbol browser, has the shortcuts just right, and doesn’t get in my way.


It seems that Geany’s been around for a while — and is even part of the standard image on some lightweight linux distros. But this is the first time I’ve come across it — and I’m glad I did.

5 thoughts on “Looking for a great Linux PHP editor? Try Geany.

  1. ed up eventually though, and things got even better. Installation was a breeze (just open the memory “door” and clip it in) and took only 30 seconds. The computer recognized it instantly. Once up and running again, the system was noticeably faster… very noticeable. Having open multiple programs is not a problem at all (something I will admit I was concerned about initially).

    Along the same lines as the memory upgrade, an external DVD drive may be another buy you will want (just like with every other netbook). I did not invest in one, simply because I will not be needing it, but just a thought when pricing out your “full” purchase.

    So, what is good and what is bad?


    Battery life – lives up to the advertisement (for the most part). I run it on the intermediate setting and get 7 hours easy. Currently at 45% right now and have 4 hours and 5 minutes left.

    Wireless N and Bluetooth – while not “necessary” these are very nice. I can pick up

  2. I love Geany! I’ve been using it for… oh, a couple of years now. It’s works well for me with HTML, PHP, and CSS. I have a friend who loves using it for Python, I believe. It’s really a solid, easy, and fast editor with a lot of nice features.

  3. Eric

    I like geany, but it really really needs an FTP plugin so I can edit files right from our live site as well as the local test site.

    Also the ability to pull up the php manual would rock. Aside from those two things it is very nice, and small, and fast.

  4. I agree than geany is great exept for one thing.
    How on earth do you get it to select the dollar sign on
    a variable when you double click a variable ?

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