VMWare Player Vs. VirtualBox in Ubuntu: Decided in 1 minute


I’ve been using VirtualBox for a few years, and I like it. I thought I would try out the latest VMWare Player to compare and see how it has moved on since the last time I used it — from what I’ve heard, the seamless mode in Player is now very good.

However, it all came to naught — VMWare fail. Miserably. Why? Because I can’t download the thing.

VirtualBox provides nice direct download links, and — even better — an Ubuntu repository.

What about WMWare? They provide… this:

VMWare... What the hell?

VMWare... What the hell?

Problem solved — there’s no way I want to hand over this kind of data. Sure, I could just fill in nonsense data (and I started to)… but then what happens when I need an update, or even upgrade to a paid version? VMWare: What the hell are you thinking, asking for all this personal information? The bounce rate for your software must be hideous — what a great way to send people to your competitors.

If you’re here because you’re searching for a “direct link to VMWare Player” in Google: Sorry, try this, much better link, instead.

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